Our granddaughter Andrea has learned the art of belly dancing. Which she does pretty well. One day, we asked her if she would be willing to teach belly dancing to a class of women from our adult community. She agreed enthusiastically. We were able to form a group of about twenty women at ages of about 70-90 years old. Well, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So you must try to picture this: about twenty women ages 70-90 in all shapes and sizes, standing in a pool with water waist deep, trying to belly dance. Can you get the picture? The spectators around the pool were hysterical, but Andrea was all business. This is a favorite memory of my granddaughter.

Grandpa SamSam Weinstein

Sam, 94, is originally from the Bronx and currently resides in Atlanta, Ga with his wife and near his two daughters and their families. He is a world war II US veteran and enjoys cooking, story-telling, jokes, and a good cup o’ coffee. Sam’s daughter, Enid also wrote a beautiful account of being a grandparent. Read it here.


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