parenting_may14“Laughter is the key to happiness…”  

I agree with this phrase so much, and I try to always keep it in mind. If my 17 month-old son Aaron does not have me laughing (and himself laughing, of course, because he thinks he is funnier than everyone), then I am most likely really concerned or frustrated with him at that moment. No matter what, though, it is something that will eventually be humorous to me. In fact, if I am frustrated with him, I can say that I’m almost 100% sure that whatever I am frustrated about will have me laughing later. The more frustrated I am, the harder I will probably laugh when I eventually recapitulate my day to my husband, parents, siblings, or friends. I can always find the humor in things that I am doing with my son, and he keeps me smiling and laughing and having fun more than I have ever been used to.

The simple things are so amazing to watch him do. From his first time crawling, standing, walking, running, etc., I have always found him hilarious to watch. To me, some of the funniest things that I get to experience with him are events such as watching his reaction to swinging on a swing set; or seeing an animal that he has never seen before; playing with sand in a sandbox, and this list could be pages and pages long if I continued.

There are many times I wish I had a camera to record these events because other people who have had children or who have been around children would appreciate and understand why these things are so special, amazing, and of course, hilarious. I have such a blast with my son and I feel lucky every moment of every day that I get to experience this. There is nothing in the world quite like raising a child. It keeps me laughing, and it keeps me feeling young. Those two things are probably two of the most important principles that I try to live by.

“You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.”

-Michael Pritchard

Rachel HerskowitzRachel Herskowitz

I am a 32-year old wife and mother.  I have a 14 year-old stepson and a 1.5 year-old tyrant (jk). If I had written this bio a few years ago, it could have been a few pages long; however, my life has become more “simple” since then, although that definitely does not mean it is easy. I’ve been a part-time tutor/instructor for children with learning difficulties for the past three + years, and during that time, I have finished my master’s degree in Community Counseling Psychology and I recently got my certification in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I have been having a blast as a full- time and first-time mom, and I feel lucky to have been able to watch my baby grow for the past 18 months.

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