ArtsJune14Art is all around us. We are inundated with art even if we do not realize it. The arts affect the way we perceive the world around us, be it advertising, graffiti, design or print. Any great work of art will make you challenge yourself, and help you to deepen your understanding of nature. Therefore the nature of “art” is that its definition is interchangeable.

I am an artist. I was taught to believe that we are all artists, and are put here to create. It is the artist’s’ task to transmute the world in an interesting or clever way, but it is up to the patron to experience the work. A person is going to bring their life experiences to analyzing what is in front of them. Be it a fleeting glance, or a deep introspection, one must draw upon previous memories to analyze any task. Even in looking at a notebook doodle, there must be an internal retreat to understand what you are looking at.

The inner monologue that one has with themselves is the universal understanding of what it is to appreciate fine art. This internal gestalt, though, is often the most overlooked aspect of the art experience. The play that sets forth in the minds stage is, for me, the most exciting aspect of any art encounter. To be able to have complete asylum with your thoughts is a gift that most tend to overlook. Perception is different for everyone, and its not easy to quantify an art experience. For me the internal retreat is the most rewarding part of appreciating art. Mental escape is not an ivory tower, but a sanctuary that helps to rest the minds struggle, and incubate a creative thought.

The act of creating in itself is an art, as is the act of destroying. Although the act of creation is not separate from the act of destruction, the space between the two exists alone. It is a tangible mental refuge that is created by the act of observation. This divided space is where I believe “art” resides.

Richard RobbinsRichard Robbins

Richard Robbins spends much of his free time experimenting with new mediums and has most recently taken an interest in creating digital cartoons and internet comics. He holds a BFA with a concentration in painting from Savannah College of Art and Design. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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