Whenever you think about setting goals, take some time to write down and CELEBRATE everything you have accomplished. Keep your focus on your successes. Be careful of negative self-critical thoughts coming in when you remember the goals you did not achieve. Put those on your next list.

Here are 12 questions to help you write your success list. It’s important that you acknowledge and celebrate all your wins, even those that didn’t start as a written goal or intention. It’s also important that you celebrate failures – there’s a gift for us in every failure.

Think about your life over the past month. Have you:

*   Experienced success or progress in your work?
*   Developed any new skills or abilities?
*   Asked for help and receive it?
*   Learned any new technology?
*   Spent more time in nature, take any trips or vacations?
*   Developed any new positive habits (like meditation, exercise, gratitude, celebration)?
*   Experienced success in the area of finances?
*   Created new relationships or deepened existing relationships (professional and personal)?
*   Experienced success in your health and fitness?
*   Attended any positive events (lectures, workshops, concerts, sports)?
*   Read any positive books?
*   Shown kindness to anyone, help a friend or neighbor in need?

And there’s more … just be sure and cover every area of your life: health and fitness, relationships, finances – every positive thing you can think of that nourish your body, mind, heart, and soul.

Add One Thing to Your Life: Celebration!
Choose one thing to celebrate about yourself: your health, your positive attitude in doing this practice, your willingness to try new things. It doesn’t matter what you are celebrating, only that you are celebrating yourself. You can celebrate the same thing every day, or find different things.

CELEBRATING keeps our focus on the positive and attracts more for us to celebrate. Focusing on lack attracts more lack. You might be surprised how much you have to celebrate about yourself. Take this energy of celebration and keep it with you, always. Make celebrating a habit that becomes infused into every day. This simple tweak can transform your life.

However big or small the occasion, look for excuses to be in a state of celebration. You can celebrate failures too. They open doorways for something new to come in. Your positive attitude will make sure you attract more positivity and goodness.

Photo credit: unsplash-logoIan Stauffer

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