Do you say “Yes” to people when you really would love to say “No?” Is it hard for you to commit to honoring what is true for yourself when it might not agree with others?

I used to say “Yes” way too often to others and kept on hurting myself. I thought I was doing the right thing by saying “Yes,” however too often I was not living by what made my heart sing. I lost my own sense of identity from saying “Yes” to everyone for so many years, instead of making sure I was saying yes to myself first.

I have since learned how important it is to listen to our intuition, our gut and soul’s guidance, and be committed to honoring what is true for ourselves.

When we live from a place of consistently listening and honoring what is true for ourselves, what makes us enthusiastic, we strengthen the level of trust within ourselves. When we listen and honor ourselves, our bodies feel more relaxed and energized.

This year I commit to continue being honest to myself and others. I commit to honoring my feelings and to do my best to communicate my true heart’s desires with others.

I notice when I live from this place of radical honesty and connection, magic happens. Things align much easier and everyone is happier.

For example, I may change the time of meeting with someone, simply because I am feeling I would like to see that person later on in the day. Then suddenly a client may call me to ask if they can see me that same day, at the time I was to meet with the first client. I trust my intuition so much by now, that I don’t have to ask, WHY am I feeling this way? I can simply listen to and trust that inner voice, and honor what it is feeling.

When we live fully committed to honoring ourselves, life seems to flow so much easier.

Sometimes it feels scary to attract so many gifts, blessings, and new opportunities into our lives. Maybe others around us are struggling or going through hard times.

The more we commit to ourselves, the more the universe rewards us. I am amazed time and time again how people contact me from out of nowhere when I decide I am ready to take on new clients.

Being committed to yourself, knowing that you are valuable and precious is the first step to any successful business or job, especially the relationship with the most important person in your life…YOU!

Photo Credit: unsplash-logoJared Rice

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