Try these tips throughout your week to connect with your family and nourish your child’s free spirit. Let us know how they help you to feel more love, independence and freedom in your relationships. For sake of brevity, we have placed “her” when describing the child, but feel free to add “him” if you have a son for this article.

      1. Meditate together. Practice connecting to something beyond your body and mind for at least 10 minutes a day. This aligns you both to your calm and peaceful Soul Connected state. An example is to sit in front of each other. Chant “Sa Ta Na Ma.”
      1. Communicate honestly and authentically. Share your true feelings and emotions, thoughts and opinions, without judging each other. Have no expectations from each other. Hold a space of unconditional love for one another.
      1. Listen at night before you go to sleep about how your child’s day went. Just listen, you are not there to fix anything about her or her life. Allow space for your child to express herself freely without any interruption. This makes her feel heard, special, important and valuable to you. That’s all she wants more than anything in the world, for mommy to love her and accept her. You are probably the most important person in the world to your child, (but remind her daily that she is the most important person in her life- as we want your child to grow up knowing wholeheartedly how to love herself!) This way, she can one day be in a healthy relationship with her significant other.
      1. Have a healthy breakfast rich with protein every morning. Cook together whenever possible.
      1. Play music and dance at least 5 minutes to feel more energized and ready to start the day off right!
      1. Go out in nature and appreciate the trees, the sky, and sun, with your child. Go for long walks. Try new trails and places, and give her space to create her own path and follow it. This makes her feel empowered.
      1. Arts & crafts. Go to the craft store and pick out some canvas. Allow your creative energy to run free, and paint! Choose different mediums like chalk, acrylic, watercolors, pencils, and crayons. Moms, stay connected to your inner child, this makes your child feel way cooler to hang out with you as she gets older!
      1. Have a healthy relationship with your child by always respecting her and valuing her feelings. Try your best always to understand where she is coming from (try to understand by pretending that you are a little girl). Even though you may have different ways of seeing things, know that your child is always trying her best just like you are. Be patient with her and very kind to her. Ask her, “how can I support you in this situation?”
      1. Try to be as honest as you can with your child. Your child can feel when you are not being honest, and in the end that energy of dishonesty weighs down your relationship.
      1. Remind yourself and your child every day that you both are so grateful to be together, to love one another, and that you both have come into this world for a great reason! Appreciate and value one another daily, and treat every moment as a blessing!

Mia Maniaci

Mia Maniaci is a 9 year old who likes to create things and draw. She likes to cook, bake and make Barbie clothes with her Grandma who is teaching her how to sew. Mia also likes to dress up and make up her own dances. She likes to write stories and to put on make up and get her nails done. Mia wrote this article in collaboration with her mother, Michelle Alva.

Photo credit: unsplash-logo Jenn Evelyn-Ann


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